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Gorcyca Hearing Livestream

Michigan Supreme Court, Oral Arguments, Gorcyca



The Cost for “Saying No” to Abuse-Is This America?

Take note of the words so eloquently spoken by Liam Tsimhoni to Judge Lisa Gorcyca. Witnesses who have viewed the video have said that he spoke very respectfully and was in no way being “defiant” or “contemptuous” as stated by Goryca.

Also as part of the Michigan Custody Guidelines states on page 3, “Factors in Child Custody”, item (k) Domestic violence, regardless of whether the violence was directed at or witnessed by the child.

On June 24, 2015 13 year old Liam Tsimhoni RESPECTFULLY said to Judge Lisa Gorcyca:

THE COURT: All right, Sir, what is your name for the Record?

(BOY): Liam Tsimhoni

THE COURT: What is –what’s –what do you want to say to the court, if anything?

LIAM TSIMHONI: Okay, so I — I do apologize if I — I didn’t understand that the rules of the — like the — with — with — like apologize to whatever I did to you, but I do not apologize for — for not talking to him because I have a reason for that and that’s because he’s violent and he — I saw him hit my mom and I’m not gonna talk to him. `

THE COURT: All right. Well, the court finds you in direct contempt. I ordered you to have a healthy relationship with your father. I witnessed your mother at 11:30 tell you very impassionedly that she wants you to talk to your dad, to talk to your dad, that he loves you, that he’s not gonna hurt you, that he’s not gonna hurt her. You are a defiant, contemptuous young man and I’m ordering you to spend the rest of the Summer– and we’ll review it we’ll review it when school starts, and you may be going to school there. So you’re going to– I’m ordering you to Children’s Village. Is there anything you’d like to say about that?

LIAM TSIMHONI: I didn’t do anything wrong, so.

THE COURT: No, you did. You — I ordered you to talk to your father. You chose not to talk to your father. You defied a direct court order. It’s direct contempt so I’m finding you guilty of civil contempt.

LIAM TSIMHONI: But he was the one that Something wrong.

THE COURT: Pardon?

LIAM TSIMHONI: How come — I thought there was like rules when — rules for like not, you know, not hitting someone, why am I going to the —

THE COURT: I ordered you — I will say this again, and apparently you’re — you’re supposed to have a high IQ, which I’m doubting right now because of the way you act, you’re very defiant, you have no manners, I ordered you to have a relationship with your dadder – with your dad. I ordered you to talk to your father. Your mom told you to talk to your father. There is no reason why you do not have a relationship with your father.

Your father has never been charged with anything, your father’s never been convicted of anything. Your father doesn’t have a personal protection order against him. Your father is well liked and loved by the community, his co-workers, his family, his colleagues. You, young man, have got it wrong. I think your father is a great man who has gone through hoops for you to have a relationship with you. You are in contempt and you are going to live in Children’s Village. Remind me how old you are?

LIAM TSIMHONI: Fifteen. (*NOTE: While the transcript states 15 according to our records we show he was 13. We believe this was an error perhaps due to difficulty hearing)

THE COURT: You may stay in there until you graduate from high School .