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Love Endures Forever

DroppingwateronplantLove conquers everything.  It is the powerful force within that sees us through, no matter what.  It is eternal.  It is the purest essence that we hold safe deep in our hearts.  It can’t be destroyed.  It can’t be altered.  Love withstands all tests, all trials.  It endures forever.  We stand strong, resilient, nourished and sustained by love.  We trust our hearts, and look to love, as we embrace the beauty of our dreams for a bright, beautiful future. – Lisa Nadig

“The past is the past and has nothing to do with you.  It has nothing to do with right now.  Do not let anything from your past inhibit you in this present moment.  Start over.  Start fresh.  Each day.  Each hour, if it serves you.  Heck, each minute.  Just get going. – Neal Donald Wolsch

valentines-day-heart-hands“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” —  Lucille Ball

“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.”— Maya Angelou

“Love will find a way through paths where wolves fear to prey.” — Lord Byron

“Love is the brightest star in life’s darkest skies.” ― Matshona Dhliwayo

“Love has never been conquered, not even by the greatest army.” ― Matshona Dhliwayo

59606597-rain-in-lovely-summer-garden-with-flowers-and-sunlight-outdoor-nature-background“Never underestimate the infinite love within you
It has the power to transform lives”
― Mimi Novic , The Silence Between the Sighs

“There is no one more powerful, Than the one who trusts their own heart.”― Mimi Novic, Brilliance of Dawn

“Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within.” — James Baldwin

FlowerinSun“The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in.” — Morrie Schwartz

“Don’t brood. Get on with living and loving. You don’t have forever.” — Leo Buscaglia

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.”
— Marcus Aurelius


An Authentic Life

10450164_10152546729544630_5902281272797765777_n“You may learn to manipulate people to act the way you are requesting from them, and they will learn to manipulate you back to act the way they require from you, but when and if that happens and you realize it, it becomes very sad.  Please do not go that route.  A life of manipulation is a life of bondage, intrigues, lies and loneliness.  Do not play that game.  At the end the only one who loses is you.”  – Erika Ferenczi

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” ~ Carl Jung

1375635_10202963215273676_1558938398_n “As children, we are sponges. We take on the beliefs and values of those we look up to, depend on, love or, sadly, even fear. Some of these beliefs may be serving us well; others are doing the exact opposite.  Taking the time to reflect on what is important to us, what resonates, what is truly our belief is a step we must all take. Without doing this, we are carrying around baggage that is not our own: baggage that keeps us from finding our authentic self. By exposing ourselves to new ideas and different ways of being, we can discover what resonates within us.”  – Diane Mottle, MSW

“Everything will line up perfectly when knowing and living the truth becomes more important than looking good.” – Alan Cohen

“If any man seeks for greatness, let him forget greatness and ask for truth, and he will find both.” – Horace Mann

“If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.”  – Mark Twain



Mom Files Civil Rights Lawsuit to Restore Parental Rights, Press Conference

Reform family law courts – hold judges, GALs, attorneys and court VENDORS accountable with REAL punishment when they break the law, violate mandated duties or when their actions cause HARM

Reform family law courts – hold judges, GALs, attorneys and court VENDORS accountable with REAL punishment when they break the law, violate mandated duties or when their actions cause HARM!

Easter Blessings To Those Separated From One Another Due to Family Court Corruption

Stay Strong.  Love Wins.  Truth always eventually comes out.  Karma works, and selfish, evil people will face their Maker one day.  In the end, though they made their pile of cash, they cannot sever your Bond.

Dr. Daniel Fisher’s Misconduct, With Michael Volpe

“When a court ordered professional begins working for one side, as Dr. Fisher clearly was in this case, it is the worst of both worlds. You have a hired gun with the veneer of independence. It is something I have seen and documented repeatedly. Dr. Stanton Samenow, not only in Chris Mackney’s case, would come in as a so-called independent arbiter but end up communicating, and often being paid, exclusively with one side. He would pretend as though his so-called expert opinion was objective while being bought and paid for and that’s what it appears happened in this case as well.

Not only with Dr. Fisher, but Natalie Koga and others in this case. The veneer of independence is one of many reasons why I believe all court ordered professionals should be outlawed immediately. They are not merely a waste of hundreds of thousands of dollars but counter-productive and often actively work to create conflict in cases in order to justify their continued involvement.”Michael Volpe, Author of Bullied To Death: Chris Mackney’s Kafkaesque Divorce

Dr. Fisher was reprimanded by the State of Illinois for Dual Role Misconduct in a prior case.  “The foregoing acts and/or omissions are violations of the “Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct”  Fisher_Redacted

The APA Ethics Code Standard 3.05 states that “psychologists should refrain from entering into multiple relationships…or otherwise risks exploitation or harm to the person with whom the professional relationship exists.”  But exploitation and harm is the strategy for these court shrinks for hire.

 It is considered unethical to switch back and forth between an evaluative and psychotherapeutic role,” David Stein, Ph.D., chair of the Forensic Psychology Committee of the California Psychological Association.

Dual Relationships, Multiple Relationships & Boundary Decisions, Kenneth S. Pope, PhD, AB

UPDATE: Child Rep Natalie Koga, Judge Alfred Levinson & lawyer Elliott Heidelberger all abruptly gave up their lucrative lawyer & judge posts in Chicago to avoid investigation. Meg Jackson, opposing counsel who Koga was caught conspiring with, changed her name to “Mary Elizabeth” & moved her law practice to Lake County, Illinois.  Koga found a County Social Worker/Guardian job in Arizona.  Though she’s no longer licensed, Koga still lists herself as an attorney in Chicago.  Meanwhile, Cook County Chicago’s “Sex For Custody” lawyer David Pisulka, who controlled the lucrative secret list of Guardian ad Litems & Child Reps, has finally been arrested and stripped of his law license, after years of the IL ARDC ignoring grievances filed.

tumblr_mu9qdnUdpk1rw872io4_500We survivors of Therapist Abuse by these court shrinks paid for by the highest bidder, know full well the trauma when these so-called “professionals” – the lawyers, court doctors, court therapists and hired gun evaluators –  trap and re-traumatize us in their lucrative litigation therapy racket.

Forcing a trauma victim to sit in their office re-living traumatic memories against their will,  while they bill by the hour, scribbling their notes, writing false reports for corrupt Child Reps, Guardian Ad Litems, and guns for hire custody evaluators.  Because you are court-ordered to do it.  How convenient for them to have such an endless supply of guaranteed paying clients. The truth of the matter is, they need you trapped, or they won’t have a job.

BribesFCDr. Daniel Fisher, who wrote Natalie Koga’s made to order false reports, repeated his mantra, in his saccharin-sweet, pretending to care “therapist” voice:  “How’s your “therapy” going?”  Probing for anything to pounce on, all the while, working for the other side. 

LiesNeverFeelsBadAnd who could ever forget Dr. Fisher’s Academy Award-worthy performance for a packed court-room, while finishing the day’s pack of lies, after exiting the witness stand, he actually stood at attention in the middle of the courtroom, facing my ex-husband, raising his hand in a MILITARY SALUTE. 

He should have bowed and curtsied too!   This, my friends, is one of the many ways the players in the litigation therapy racket show their true colors, and why Cook County Chicago will not allow videotaped transcripts.

As the the hired gun crazy-makers, these therapists don’t encourage you to speak your own truth with confidence or put an accurate name to what the perpetrator did to you.   An empowered victim is the LAST thing they want.

Featured Image -- 4919They don’t want you to walk on the beach, go to the woods, garden, go barefoot savoring the cool grass between your toes, further your education or career, rest, laugh, make art, or just take a healthy break from abusive talk therapy used to spin against you in their reports paid for by the other side –  or anything else that challenges their power and control over their cash cows. 

They are not encouragers.  They’re not there for you to feel better.

quicksand1You see, just like Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, they aren’t in it to empower people to connect with their own inner strength or heal from the trauma of abuse.

Their  JOB is to Gaslight you.  To minimize, and deny the abuse you suffered.  To blame, and pathologize the victim. To put you off balance.

They are there to manufacture a “crazy label” for the victim in their Kids for Cash scam.  Hiding abuse, and keeping it going is big business.  And if they could, they would keep their cash cows trapped in their litigation therapy racket forever.  

Natalie Koga Confronted With Eye-Witness To Her Corruption


#nataliekoga    #exposethecorruption

RlngMdwsUPDATE:  Corrupt Child Representative Natalie Koga, along with Judge Alfred Levinson & lawyer Elliott Heidelberger all abruptly, simultaneously gave up their lucrative lawyer & judge posts in Chicago to avoid investigation. Meg Jackson, who Koga was caught maliciously conspiring with, changed her name to “Mary Elizabeth” & moved her law practice to Lake County, Illinois.  Koga found a County Social Worker/Guardian job in Arizona; though she’s no longer licensed to practice law, she still lists herself as an attorney in Chicago. Meanwhile, Cook County Chicago’s “Sex For Custody” lawyer David Pisulka, who controlled the lucrative secret list of Guardian ad Litems & Child Reps, has finally been arrested and stripped of his law license, after years of the IL ARDC ignoring grievances filed.

Just hope Koga can find something else to do besides harming mothers and children.”

A Chicago lawyer familiar with the case

Erasing Mom for Profit: Affidavit Filed  Letter from my former attorney Karen Conti to Natalie Koga, Child Representative, dated August 23, 2013. Confronts her with eye-witness to her collusion with my ex’s lawyer Meg Jackson (now going by “Mary-Elizabeth”), to have my ex’s hired gun Dr. Mark Goldstein write a false report about me.  Ms. Conti was my attorney before their legal/financial abuse ran me out of money to continue to afford legal representation.

Dear Natalie:

Although I have just recently become involved in this case, I am concerned with some of your actions which I have witnessed and of which I have become aware.

First, at the last court appearance, my friend was sitting on a bench outside the courtroom and overheard you speaking to Meg Jackson (Father’s) attorney (now “Mary-Elizabeth Jackson).  You obviously did not know he was my friend.  You and Meg Jackson were actively engaged in joining forces against my client and making comments about getting Dr. Goldstein, (Father’s Hired Gun Psychologist)  involved to ‘help out’ the problem; the problem being Ms. Nadig-Mehdipour’s desire to be a mother to her child.  Your disparagement of me personally was also noted which is unprofessional and petty.

Despite the 604(b) evaluator’s two reports finding that (Father) is an alienator and that (Mother) should have sole custody, you have ignored these facts and blindly advocated that (minor child) spend as little time as possible with his mother.  At trial, you vigorously fought Dr. Finn’s recommendations.  Bizarrely, in court you advocated that (minor child) be put into “after school” care rather than be allowed to have the option to walk the four blocks to spend time with his mother.  Even after Judge Levinson ordered that (Minor Child) attend (High School), and (Father) attempted to sabotage his enrollment, you did not advocate for actions necessary for him to attend school there.  On August 22, (minor child) refused to leave the (public library) to come home with his Mother and said “Stay away from me.  You are not allowed to be with me.  I have spoken with my attorney.”  If you did, in fact, advise (Minor Child) of that, you have violated all ethical duties as a child representative and attorney.  Why haven’t you been involved in resolving this problem and encouraging your client that it is better to spend three hours after school at his mother’s house than sitting in a public library?

My client advises me of the following additional facts:

You have encouraged (Minor Child) to call you whenever he disagrees with what his mother says or when he does not get his way and then you refuse to communicate with Ms. Nadig-Mehdipour despite the fact that she is the legal custodian.  By doing this, you are encouraging disrespect of parental boundaries and assisting in the alienation that has already been established by Dr. Finn.  Ms. Nadig-Mehdipour has repeatedly asked for a more orderly means of communication but you have refused to respond.

Dr. Hummel noted that you crossed professional boundaries at (Hospital) interfering with (Minor Child’s) (medical) care.  In August, 2011, you engaged in wildly inappropriate physical contact with (Minor Child) by forcing him to hug you.

Since September, 2010, you have refused to communicate with Ms. Nadig-Mehdipour, who has historically been the primary caretaker and the sole legal custodian.  The vast majority of conferences and telephone calls with (minor child) have occurred only when he was with Mr. Mehdipour.

At Ms. Nadig’Mehdipour’s request, you interviewed Dr. Naila Wilcox-Avery, and Dr. Rodney Avery. who told you that they had concerns that (Father) was physically abusing (Minor Child) and coaching him to make false abuse allegations against Ms. Nadig-Mehdipour.  Those doctors have reported that your refused to listen to their concerns.

You have been disrespectful and rude to (Mother) in the presence of (Minor child) and have attempted to interfere with (Minor Child’s) medical treatment by telling him, “Your mom shouldn’t take you for these assessments.”  You told (Minor Child)  “I’ll yell at your mom and make her a better mom to you.

You failed to communicate with therapist Stephanie Simpson for 11 months even though Ms. Simpson attempted to contact you repeatedly.  Rather than speaking to Ms. Simpson., you filed a Rule To Show Cause against Ms. Nadig-Mehdipour.

I have not seen you once make a negative comment about (Father) despite findings that he is abusive, an alienator, and a parent who sabotages his child’s education.  Strangely, you have nothing but negative things to say about Ms. Nadig-Mehdipour.  While I have not always agreed with GALS and Child Representatives, I have never seen one who is so actively opposed to one parent’s involvement in parenting, despite her having sole custody.

I am told that you are not being paid.  It defies logic that you are still so actively and aggressively involved despite this fact.  Please assure me as an officer of the Court that neither (Father) nor anyone else on his behalf is paying you.  Also, assure me that you are not going to use your offices to contact (Minor Child’s) high school and poison them against Ms. Nadig-Mehdipour.  I do not see that you have any reason to contact them.  You are not a parent and have no business asserting your will into this family’s issues.  Sincerely,  Karen Conti

#exposethe corruption #nataliekoga

David Pisulka, headed secret list of Cook Co. Chicago GAL’s & Child Reps, arrested & stripped of law license

Kids Tell Us In Their Own Words What It’s Like To Have A Parent Force Them To Reject Their Other Parent


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  1. SharonJuly 21, 2014 at 3:10 am
    Thank you kids, for sharing your stories. I’m sure you have helped a lot of other kids.

Targeted/Rejected Parents Speak Out

20130917-103628.jpg  ” I feel despair, and a little horror. It bothers me that the country I live in is a place where something like this could happen”

” I am just a simple man. It is hard to stay ahead of the life altering lies spewing from them.”

“This broke my heart. I wish no one else has ever had to feel this pain.  One person shattered is enough.”

” Losing my only son has been almost more than I can bear.”

“Why do parents have to spend their life savings in order to have the right to love their  children?”

“I’m in a living nightmare, Something deeply precious was stolen, I’m in ongoing grief and despair, Unbidden tears awash again and again, Never any idea what to do, or what to say, Everything is used against me, the rules are unfair”

“All three psychologist evaluations found Parental Alienation, even my ex’s “hired gun”.   The Court promised to address it, but in the end, the court just allowed Many people to get rich, and did the exact opposite of what was promised.   I am devastated, heart-broken and worry for my child all the time.”

“Today is Lorna’s 15th birthday. Sent her a message at midnight wishing her a happy birthday. My millennium child- only child. I love & miss her, but not her actions toward me. It sucks to spend this day crying sporadically when friends are happy. Even though they understand..”

“Seems like every targeted mother I know gets slandered with the same lie – “mentally ill”.”

“I totally had the same thing happen to me, was told by my sons in a mediator’s office that they did not want to see me, was called by my first name etc.,”

” if the counselor doesn’t KNOW PA, they will make usually it worse..the counselor seems to be aware of the TERM Parental Alienation…but doesn’t  seem to want to help fight it. At this point I don’t feel like our Family Court Judge (there is only one in our small countyj) is interested either way….very frustrating.”

“My eldest daughter, who was alienated, abused, and kept from me for years,  was discarded by her father when she was of age and he could no longer collect support.  He threw her out into the street.  Today she received a registered letter from him.  He didn’t even send her a Christmas card.  He’s pissed that she went to visit her siblings, wants to stop her from seeing them.  He signed the letter CRAIG.  She’s beyond upset.  She’s done with him.  She realizes now he is not capable of loving anyone, only consumed with power and control.”

“Many mothers who seek safety from abuse are routinely prohibited from having even the most basic contact with their own children, not because they were unfit parents, but because they were outspent, out represented, and out-maneuvered in a court atmosphere not prepared to understand the needs of families dealing with domestic violence. To unnecessarily and violently separate a woman and her young children can represent the gravest form of abuse, with major social ramifications in generations to come.  When a court orders the removal of a child from a parent it can have the same emotional wounding effect on the deprived mother (or father) as if that child has been kidnapped or murdered. When the deprived parent has been the protective parent, and the court gives custody and decision-making power to the abusive parent under the guise of “Best Interests of the Child” statutes, the loss to the severed parent is deeply damaging.

“My life (is) destroyed & he got everything & got away with everything he did. I can’t rest easy on that!”

“So much money was made – tens upon tens of thousands, by those that helped my ex keep the fight going, that in the end, the Court and all associated with it, from Child’s Attorney, to Court-appointed therapists, were just as responsible as the alienating parent, in undermining my relationship with my child, and destroying my parental authority.”

“I recently went to see THE LION KING on stage… the young Simba is told lies by the adult Scar, his uncle…Simba flees into exile believing that he killed his own father…When he accidentally meets Nala, his childhood friend, she convinces him to return from exile. When he confronts Scar, the evil manipulator inadvertently reveals that he killed Simba’s father…the interesting theme of the story is that children often believe the lies that adults tell them, and live for years believing those lies.”

“It’s a shame we all are having to endure this and inexcusable that these other parents are behaving so abusively. It’s like they are being rewarded for being criminal.”

“How can I reconnect with my son when his father keeps him from me and fills his head with lies and brainwashes him to think I hate him?”

“I had wonderful daughters who loved me immensely until one day when they didn’t anymore for no apparent reason and for nothing I did..”

“My son used to hug me and say I Love You, Thanks For Everything, You’re The Best Mom in The Whole World…until his father started his campaign…then I was called by my first name, the most horrible profanity, and physically attacked.”

” It also never occurred to me that my kids could ever stop loving me and feeling close to me. I was very involved, engaged, supportive mother. Next thing I knew they refused to call me ‘Mom.”

“Too many family members are suffering due to PA, mental health workers too unfamiliar with this dynamic and our dysfunctional family court system.”

“Come home my darlings. I’m coping and living a full life, with surprising joy, but NOTHING compares to you. Come back please… in your hearts…. please turn your hearts toward home; toward me.  Love,  Mom”  “Dear Angela and Sarah,I love you. I miss you, please come home for Christmas in your hearts.”  “Dear Matthew, Luke & Sarah, Please know your Mom n Grandparents, your Finnish relatives, my friends n extended family all love and miss you terribly. We are still here for you. Waiting patiently for you to come home. Merry Christmas.”  https://www.facebook.com/groups/loveletterswall/

“No twinkle of hope ….. Zero zip nothing …. The years are passing by.”

“Tonight on the Parenting Revolution show, a gentlemen from Florida, with one of the most extreme cases of P.A. I have ever seen. Steve Sumner has not only undergone the lies from his Ex, which were allowed in court. But he has to surfer a day to day battle from which the courts have taking his children from him. Even to the extreme where Steve isn’t allowed to see his very own children that strive reside in the very same state he still lives in. So tune in to hear the rest of the story that even made the local news. And now you have your chance to hear his story and ask any question that you may have. Steve will be on this Thursday here on thehttp://www.wnlmradio.com/ from 7 pm pacific/ 9pm Central / 10 pm Eastern. The call in Number 707-701-3325 or contact via Skype (search for ID: Timmmay73 Revolution’s Archive here:https://soundcloud.com/gentlemansforum.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qts_8V3a6RM

“We PA parents struggle especially hard this time of the year to try and make up for our loss by pretending it’s not a loss, by pretending it’s a strengthening exercise, or by reaching out to others on the internet and elsewhere who have also lost children to the misguided bitterness of a ex-spouse bent on destroying the relationship between a child and a parent.  But sometimes the depths of the holiday void can be too much, sometimes we expect a whole lot more, and sometimes our rationalizations deliver less than we expect. And it’s at times like these when comments like “Hang in there,” “Don’t give up,” or “I’ll pray for you” – all from kind souls who mean well – are seen as meaningless pabulum, slaps to the face, and failures to acknowledge our all-too-important pain and brush it aside as little more than meaningless family-related trivia – something we may tolerate at any other time of the year but can’t now when our emotions are extra raw, as they are during the holidays.”  http://nomoresecretsandlies.blogspot.com/2013/12/parental-alienation-during-holidays.html

“I need advice. I talked to my oldest (16, male) via text messaging and he cussed me and was acting ugly. I didn’t correct him but I feel like if I don’t, it’s like I’m saying him treating me this way is okay. Any suggestions on how to handle this? He used his father’s phone to talk to me, and I don’t know if his dad and stepmom are aware of any of the convo (but I wouldn’t doubt it if they were).”

“I got to talk to my children twice by phone when the ex first took them away.  After that, the phone was never answered….When the final divorce was declared, it was certain that I would not be able to talk to my children again.  I was destroyed.  I went through 3 rounds in the psych ward.  I eventually ended up in a tent in the middle of winter in an Iowa state park.”  https://livinglifebetter.wordpress.com/2015/01/13/the-effects-of-parental-alienation/

“As we are heading into the holiday season, a time when family and friends look forward to being together and celebrating, I would like everyone to remember that there are hundreds of thousands of others who are suffering. They have lost loved ones, or are alienated from their own children, and for us, the holidays are a time that only magnifies the pain we feel all year, and the many reminders of all the fun things we could and should be doing with those we love is a dagger to our hearts. We are fighting for change, because dying a slow death from grief is not living, it is just another form of dying, and this type of abuse cannot continue any longer. Everyone of us matters, everyone of our children needs and loves us, just as much as we need and love them. Please take care of yourself during this difficult time of year. Please don’t give up, and know you’re not alone. We are here for anyone who needs to reach out, and we will never stop fighting, for you, for ourselves, and most of all for our children.www.naasca.org/forourkids

“Thinking of you always, my beautiful daughter. Of course, the (holiday) season brings a lot of difficulties for those others of our number going without seeing their children, but then again, this goes on every day of every year for us. I know – I just know, that one day you’re going to come back to me and I live in the grace of that knowledge. I talk to you each night as I travel home from work. I see the same moon that you’re probably seeing and I share my thoughts and prayers with you as though you’re right beside me. Do you remember, that when we were walking to day care or to school in the early morning hours, that I give you my little motivational speech about having a good day and kindness toward others and how school is so important? You used to hold my hand and shuffle along beside me and listen. I remember the hug and kiss that you gave me before I set off and how you’d say, have a good day, daddy. That memory is as crisp as if it happened five minutes ago. It is among the most valuable moments in my life with you that will never go away. That beautiful child is still within you, my sweet and one day, it’ll re emerge and the hate you were taught will wash away like dirt beneath a waterfall. We’ll be together and we will win. I hope you have the best Christmas of all as I will, knowing that I’ve got a beautiful daughter out there, blessing the world