Scapegoating/Group Mobbing

The Scapegoater/s use a scapegoat to hide their secrets. They lash out, lie, gaslight, abuse, and smear campaign to hide their secrets. These behaviors are premeditated attempts to isolate and silence the scapegoat, in anticipation of exposure. A group of toxic people who scapegoat can come in different shapes and sizes. They can be church members, a family, a group of co-workers, or court thugs and parasites. A common theme for a toxic group is they construct a false image of the victim to justify abusive, exploitive, and illegal behaviors. Certified Trauma Recovery Coach & Author, expert on Family Scapegoating & Abuse Recovery. Expert on Family Scapegoating & Abuse Recovery.

Breaking Free From Being The Family Scapegoat

The Gift Of The Scapegoat, Lisa Nadig