Maternal Deprivation

The Blog portion of this website has countless articles and resources about Maternal Deprivation. The entire website is searchable, and organized with Categories and Tags.  Below is but a small portion of what is available on this entire site.

Maternal Alienation, by Ann Morris “The research project, conducted in 1999 (Morris 1999), discovered that in these cases of alienation, male perpetrators of violence against the women and/or children use an arsenal of strategies to deliberately undermine mother-child relationships. Most often the mother’s intimate partner and the child’s father or step-father, they employ these tactics in a number of different abusive contexts, including domestic violence and child sexual abuse. “

Motherless America:  Confronting Welfare’s Fatherhood Custody Program

Maternal Deprivation, “The effects of Maternal Deprivation often cause the children to become psychotic, depressed, and sometimes suicidal or to have suicidal ideations. Another terrible reaction is when the child retaliates against the parent who accuses Parental Alienation Syndrome as in a Texas case where the child killed his father. Other times when the Maternal Deprivation abuser completely takes over the will of the child by using brainwashing techniques similar to those used in prison camps where deprivation and isolation are used to force ideological changes in captives, these children often have a sort of trauma-bonding with the abuser and model their behavior. Sometimes these children will also abuse the mother in the same manner as the father. Another generation is created to carry on the abuse, and will likely do the same to their own spouse and children.”

Don’t Hug Your Mother: The compelling true story of how two boys were alienated from their mother for eighteen years, by Brendan & JP Byrne

Mothers And Children Connected At The Neurological Level

What’s a Mother Worth? by Lisa Nadig