Litigation-Therapy Racket

 The Blog portion of this website has countless articles & resources about the litigation therapy racket, therapist & psychiatrist abuse. The entire website is searchable, and organized with Categories and Tags.  Below are some highlights of these resources.

The most common strategy in family court is to create a litigation therapy racket, where corrupt judges, lawyers, Guardian ad litems and Child Representative identify corrupt and unethical shrinks so they can work together to harvest victims to trap in their lucrative litigation therapy racket. Having corrupt shrinks write made to order false reports about victims ensures they get the “legal” outcome they have predetermined will be the most financially beneficial to them.

Victims are harvested and then ensnared with court orders to go for “evaluations” and open ended “treatment” with pre-selected shrinks who will support the predetermined financial agenda of the racket. Victims are compelled by court order to become cash cows who are traumatized, re-traumatized, medically and psychologically abused, and forced to pay crushing, overly burdensome fees for services that are harmful and only create benefit for the people running the racket.

The racket hinges upon countless ethics violations, but the most common is violation of The APA Ethics Code Standard 3.05  which states that “psychologists should refrain from entering into multiple relationships… or otherwise risks exploitation or harm to the person with whom the professional relationship exists. Shrinks who write false reports and break their code of ethics are rewarded with more cash cows in the future by the racket.

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