Legal Abuse

Overcoming the Devastation of Legal Abuse Syndrome “The condition, legal abuse syndrome, is a variant of post traumatic stress disorder and is covered by most insurances as well as qualifying under the Americans with Disabilities Act for accommodations when needed.”


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Tina Swithin of One Mom’s Battle has several valuable books available:

“The mission at One Mom’s Battle is to increase awareness on narcissistic abuse as it relates to co-parenting and the family court system.

American Bar Association Model Rules of Professional Conduct,

Fraud On The Court, Definitions & Case Law

From GG: More great cases on Fraud on the Court

Fraud On The Court-No Statute of Limitations

DUH-The US Constitution Does NOT Grant Immunity For Lying To Remove a Child!!! 9th Circuit’s Epic Dis of Court/Gov’t Officials & Social Workers Dubious Claim Of “Right To Lie”.

Using Artificial Intelligence to mine corruption data to focus for converting single lawsuit into class action suit:

Find your Senators and Representatives

Justice Dept. Warns Local Courts On Illegal Enforcement of Fees and Fines