For Stolen Children & Erased Family

Love has never been conquered, not even by the greatest army.” – Matshono Dhliwayo

Resources page intended to provide support for children who were stolen from a loving parent and family, as well as erased families, separated by family by court corruption, Kids For Cash scams, Court Licensed Abuse, Medical Kidnapping, Domestic Violence by Proxy, Parental Alienation, CPS Corruption or Kidnapping.

Erasing parents & grandparents is child abuse & elder abuse.”

Love Endures Forever:

Stories of hope: Reuniting children after alienation Case studies of work done with children who have reunited with a parent after alienation.

Don’t Hug Your Mother: The compelling true story of how two boys were alienated from their mother for eighteen years. A Memoir by Brendan and JP Byrne with children who are now recovering from being alienated, allows me to understand directly from them, the journey they have made into alienation and then out of it again.

Maternal Alienation, Ann Morris “The research project, conducted in 1999 (Morris 1999), discovered that in these cases of alienation, male perpetrators of violence against the women and/or children use an arsenal of strategies to deliberately undermine mother-child relationships.

Maternal DeprivationMaternal Deprivation, or Motherlessness, is occurring with alarming frequency due to the unethical treatment of women and children in family court. Maternal Deprivation is inflicting abuse by severing the mother-child bond.

Abusive Power And Control Excellent resource on Abusive Power And Control tactics from Wikipeda. The Center for Non-Violent Communication: “Non-Violent Communication is about connecting with ourselves and others from the heart. It’s about seeing the humanity in all of us. It’s about recognizing our commonalities and differences and finding ways to make life wonderful for all of us.

Self-Care Strategies To Help Manage Trauma According To ExpertsSelf-care helps protect our physical and mental health when we’re under stress, and taking care of ourselves as best we can is non-negotiable in the aftermath of trauma.

Love And Stockholm Syndrome: The Mystery of Loving An Abuser, Dr. Joseph M. Carver, PhDIf you’re in a controlling and abusive relationship, you may recognize several of the characteristics described in this article by Consulting Clinical Psychologist Dr Joseph M. Carver, PhD. Beginning with a description of how bonds form between victim and abuser, the article continues with observations about cognitive dissonance.”

Learned Helplessness:

Fear, Obligation and Guilt (FOG) After Narcissistic Abuse Fear, Obligation, and Guilt (FOG) are the triad of emotional abuse. These three feelings can cause an overwhelming amount of self-doubt, anxiety, and unhappiness.” 

Coming out of the FOG: Why do we stay in relationships that hurt? Taking back our personal power when we feel stuck.It can be hard to understand how to break free from the FOG created by harmful relationships or unhealthy relationship dynamics.  It can be equally hard to understand why we at times feel so stuck.

Resources: Child Abuse & Domestic Abuse Includes safety planning, hotlines for abuse & PTSD, along with several resources from internationally respected experts on child abuse & domestic abuse.