Back To School With Stockton’s Very Own “Science Guy”, 45 Year Stockton Science Teacher, Mr. Gary Underwood


The above photo is from the Stockton Public Schools Radiothon, Fall 2021. Superintendent James Bunting (Center) is holding the microphone, and not wearing his mask. No part of the following article may be reproduced or copied without the express permission of the author, Lisa Nadig. Ms. Nadig is a graduate of Stockton High School and DePaul University.

Back To School With Stockton’s Very Own “Science Guy”, 45 year Stockton Science Teacher, Mr. Gary Underwood, by Lisa Nadig

September 23, 2021, Stockton School Board Meeting, Stockton, IL: It’s time we all took a refresher course, a review of lessons learned in Science Class. Here to help us is 45 year Stockton High School Science Teacher, Mr. Gary Underwood.

Mr. Underwood very graciously accepted my invitation to address the Stockton School Board meeting. He began by clearing up the definition of the word Science: “Science is the search for truth…

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1 thought on “Back To School With Stockton’s Very Own “Science Guy”, 45 Year Stockton Science Teacher, Mr. Gary Underwood

  1. AMother'sHeartSongsUnsilenced Post author

    Defamation of my character is grasping at straws by those with no logical argument, whose true personal motives become apparent through juvenile gossip and ridiculous high school mean girl behavior on the world wide web. I am not impressed nor am I moved. If A public official refuses to tolerate scrutiny of their public behavior they demonstrate their belief they are above the law which opens them up personally to Defamation lawsuits, and exposes the School District to financial liability. People who mandate masks for others, yet exercise their right not to wear one in public, should not be shocked when they are called out for their behavior



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