Shield Alert for David Italiano-Guardian Abuse, Mind Freedom International

This message is from MindFreedom International:

“Don’t Murder Me”, reads a hand written note excerpted from the journal of David Italiano who is being forced to live in a geriatric facility while wearing a humiliating ankle monitor. 

Shortly after this was received David was ‘disappeared’ and his legal guardian forbid him to have any contact with the outside world. He was disappeared precisely when his chosen advocates at Roads to Freedom Center for Independent Living (RTFCI) were making headway to support his expressed wish, to transition back to his own home.

Many individuals throughout the world, like David, are being forced to live in unsafe and restrictive congregate facilities: jails, prisons, nursing homes, psychiatric facilities, group homes, All are unable to celebrate the holidays in the safety and privacy of their homes. 

Many of these individuals are under abusive guardianships or conservatorships.. Under a guardianship, all medical treatment decisions, the decision about who to visit or call, all financial decisions, and legal decisions, even the right to retain an attorney to contest the guardianship itself can be taken away. Individuals under guardianship like David can be shut away in an institution, while their assets, including their home can be legally sold off and pocketed by a stranger.

MindFreedom International is teaming up with RTFCIL to find and free David because he wants to go home and his guardian is preventing him from having any contact with his chosen advocates. Staff at the nursing home went so far as to rip David’s cell phone from his hands when he tried to call his advocates for indepdent living, RTFCIL.. 

MindFreedom launched a Shield campaign to find and free David Italiano in October, 2021 in conjunction with  RTFCIL. You can read the original Shield alert HERE.

To date, our Shield campaign for David has not resulted in the outcome we desire.

That is where you come in. We are about to turn up the heat and we need your help.

Please sign the following petition to help us find and free David today!


David Italiano embodies the tremendous amount of work.that still needs to take place in order to fulfill the promise of the Americans with Disabilities Act ADA (specifically the Olmstead Ruling) guaranteeing people the right to live in the least restrictive environment as well as the guidelines laid out by the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities

Our rights are not guaranteed. We must mobilize and unite to enforce our rights, one person at a time.

It has been a whole year since we knew the whereabouts of David in order to communicate with him and establish his well being. It has been three months since we launched a Shield campaign for David. This petition is important because David’s situation is urgent.

Many of you will receive multiple requests to sign petitions this year for a variety of worthy causes. Very few of them involve abusive guardianships, however. Please treat this petition as if your very life depended on it. What is happening to David can happen to anyone of us.

The motto of MFI’s Shield is ‘One for all and all for one!”

Please take the time not only to sign the petition but also to publicly share why you are signing on or on our website HERE by scrolling down to the comments below. Take another five minutes to read the petition carefully on and view the options for sharing on the platform.

You can bypass requests to make a donation to No donation is required to ensure that your signature is counted. The organizers at state that by reaching a milestone of 100 signatures, our petition’s visibility will increase. We can easily reach 100 signatures by day’s end (December 31, 2021)

To reach 1,000 or more signatures, the minimum amount needed to get the attention of elected officials and the media requires that at least half of you signers also be willing to go the extra mile and share this petition with your friends. Will you be in that half to go the extra mile?

To optimize our chances of having our petition go viral, a significant number of you will not only have to share or email this petition to as many of your friends as possible, but do so in a thoughtful and meaningful way by describing, in your own words, why this petition is important to you and why it is important for your friends and colleagues to share. It takes time to convince friends. Some of you may require technical assistance to share effectively using a PC or other device. I hope you will take the time for a person’s life, for David Italiano.

Some of you have blogs and websites. Some of you manage newsletters and large lists. Some of you belong to groups and book clubs, gyms, and places of worship. Please do whatever is within your power to share this as widely as possible. 

You can post a link to the petition on your Facebook page or instragram account. You can do it directly from the platform or simply cut and paste the link to the petition HERE/ We are posting specially sized graphics for social media that you can use on our website HERE.

You can also plop the link to the petition HERE on your Facebook ‘status update’

We have asked some of our members who were active in ‘Free Britney’ to circulate this to Free Britney activists. Perhaps, with your help, Britney Spears may view/share this Petition herself!

Thank you in advance for helping David Italiano!

In solidarity,

MindFreedom staff

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