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In the Case of California Mom Roisin Cassidy: Did Jennifer Ani Fail Her Client, from Divorce In Connecticut

“In the end, Roisin Cassidy paid at least $50,000 in legal fees to defend her right to parent, all of which led to nothing. Why?  Because Attorney Jennifer Ani simply abandoned her client, lied about her client, and then attempted to withdraw from the case while inflicting the maximum damage possible, all in violation of her professional ethics.  As Roisin said to me, “How could this happen?” We’d also like to know the answer to that question as well.”

Did Attorney Jennier Ani fail her client, Roisin Cassidy?

Annalise Rice, 19 describes her Family Court nightmare

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., May 5, 2017- Filed in March 2017, new Federal Civil Rights lawsuit in Minnesota hopes to strike a dagger in the heart of corruption in family courts.

Annalise Rice, 19, currently a freshman at the University of North Dakota, recently filed that lawsuit against her father, Brent Rice, a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch, as well as Hennepin and Carver counties, a judge and several court professionals and social workers. All were involved in her family court case that, she argues, deprived her of her civil rights.

All were involved in her family court case that, she argues, deprived her of her civil rights.

In an exclusive interview with this CDN reporter, Annalise Rice described a nightmarish childhood in which she was taken away from her mother without explanation and forced to live with a father who, she alleges, while mostly absent,  she alleges he was abusive when he was present. Rice ran away multiple times, including on incident during which she spent approximately one month on the run with her mother.



Girl, Interruped. The story of Alanna Krause, who sued her father, therapist & lawyer for forcing her to live in abuse through cronyism.


Girl, Interrupted

Alanna Krause believes that much of her hellish childhood could have been avoided. Now she’s suing her father, her therapist, and her lawyer in an effort to prove it. How did it come to this?

by Bernice Yeung

December 18, 2002

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A special mother’s day belated blessing to all the mothers and children

I do hope you have all survived the weekend.  I know for many of you it has been hard.  I have received scores of emails from mothers and children separated by corrupt courts in both probate and in (anti) family court.

I wish you all a belated happy mother’s day.  My mother is gone, but I still love her and miss her and talk to her everyday out loud but unseen.  She is not dead, but lives on in a different dimension.  A much happier and more wonderful dimension.

I have heard from all of you, and I want to pass it on, that having a mother you cannot see because a guardian, a GAL, a court ordered it, was not possible creates the worst mother’s day possible. I still hear from scores of children, depressed in grief, the cannot see their elderly mothers at all, cannot even call them…

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From Ken Ditkowsky–Happy Mother’s Day

Subject: Happy mother’s day
Date: May 14, 2017 6:52 AM
If we do not learn from the past, the future is in jeopardy.     I heard laments all the time from people who cannot bring themselves to recognize that Democracy has a major side effect – RESPONSIBILITY.   To preserve it we have to intelligently protect it from the demigods who cannot accept the results of elections and/or use their public positions to violate the public trust.
After Operation Greylord was in the books and the Circuit Court of Cook County disgraced itself completely, the court went back to its old ways with a vengeance.    Even the clerk of the Court proved herself to be a blatant criminal.   The most recent revelation was found in the Court Sun-Times:
The political and judicial elites are however well prepared and the machinery of DEMONIZATION is well at…

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Mom Files Civil Rights Lawsuit to Restore Parental Rights, Press Conference

Are you Trauma-Bonded or Addicted to Toxic Love? by Kim Saeed

“Love Addiction 101

Love addiction is a complex and foggy condition that manifests differently in everyone. Particularly common in people suffering at the hands of a person with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) or victims of narcissistic abuse, love addiction commonly appears as a deep fear of being rejected by the abuser, even though the relationship is deeply toxic.

Neurologically, love addiction is similar to drug or alcohol addiction, in that the addicted person feels unable to quit the habit of loving the abusive person, even though the relationship has disastrous effects on your health, wealth, and happiness.  It’s considered a “process addiction”, which is a set of behaviors that is considered obsessive or compulsive.

Unlike other forms of addiction, though, love addiction is often difficult to see from the outside and may even go unnoticed by the person suffering from the addiction.”

Goodman Divorce Ruling Issued Housewife Told To Split Assets With Ex-husband, by Michael Volpe

“A housewife has been ordered to pay her executive ex-husband, who has an annual salary in the high six figures, $300,000 in an “equitable” distribution in their divorce.

That was the ruling by 9th Judicial District Judge Robert Berliner in handing down a divorce decree between Deborah Goodman and Andreas Lempa.

Goodman gained notoriety after she wrote a letter in the Rockland County Times in 2015 in which she described frustrations in her divorce which had dragged on since 2010, largely because of the alleged irrational rulings of recently retired Judge Victor Alfieri, who failed to schedule a trial and even forced Goodman to start the case over again several years into the process.”