Jill Jones Soderman makes a statement about a con artist who engages in blackmail, a warning about Christine Sirgent


Okay, we all know that they are out there, you know the type, the claimed “victim” that comes to you begging for help but is nothing but trouble themselves.

This blog gets rid of trouble makers by requiring they upload numerous pleadings and we confirm our sources.  However, that was not the case for one activist Jill Jones Soderman and a crazed couple that visited her office looking for help.

First the defamatory post:


Now Ms. Soderman’s response

Christine Sirgent contacted staff of the FCVFC after a brief discussion with me resulted in a denial of engagement of the FCVFC with her BF. The contact took place in April, 2014.

Christine Sirgent’s BF seemed to have been engaged in a long standing, high conflict divorce. I declined taking on the case after a brief phone consultation with him.

Christine Sirgent and her BF called my office, engaged sympathetic staff…

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2 thoughts on “Jill Jones Soderman makes a statement about a con artist who engages in blackmail, a warning about Christine Sirgent

  1. iloveyoubrooklynjones

    It’s one thing to take my daughter away.
    It’s another to use courts campaigns, cops, my family.
    To place my history and life in a public record as insignificant bit not without a police report or evidence.
    I’m now a dangerous person.
    8 years. I tried to fight.
    The shock had me in gridlock.
    Your sick.
    The ex husband is mentally unstable.
    So is the lawyers he hired.
    Part of the Satanic cult that everyone is afraid to accept is real.


  2. iloveyoubrooklynjones

    When a person encounters a deception that includes people you believed
    1. Couldn’t make such cruel decisiond
    2. A judicial system that you believed would not allow an abuser get away with such blatant activities.
    3. Your eldest child helps in your destructiion.
    4. How alone you are in the end after the campaign.

    Death would be more life than what you feel now.



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