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Cook County Court Rackets,

If you are the head of a court reform investigative group for more than four decades, you are bound to have bulging files confirming that the Bench and the Bar are almost impossibly arbitrary and under a malign if not actually corrupt influence.
Since 1963 we have compiled over one million court documents, secret investigators’ notebooks, audio/video tapes, and supporting records of all kinds. Quite a number of our members over the years complained they had been fleeced by greedy lawyers jointly operating with judges, some in banks owned and operated by Judges, sometimes right near the courthouse. [The biggest judicial bribery case up to 1969, involved the highest tribunal of Illinois, the Illinois Supreme Court, most of whose judges were co-owners, along with nine name-brand gangsters, of a bank named after the courthouse and right across the street from the Judges’ local offices. See the cover and summary of the book “Illinois Justice” shown on the Home Page of my website, ].


Why narcissistic people lie, smear campaign, and gossip about victims

Why do abusive people lie, spread rumors, and make up malicious gossip? To shame and effectively isolate targets, that’s why. Narcissistic people are the ultimate social and emotional predators. Truly functional — rather than dysfunctional — they are vicious predators whose only intention is to win at all cost, competing in their own mind financially, physically, socially, and emotionally with every single person they project is competing actively or with intent in this life.

Why narcissistic people lie, smear campaign, and gossip about victims