Another Good Mom Bullied To Death By Family Court

This is a long and emotional read, but for those that have never been a victim of the system or have a hard time believing that an innocent person really can be innocent, even if a court document says otherwise… this story proves otherwise. All it takes is 1 person telling 1 lie that leads to another and another and another…So, sad. The poor mom who is now dead… and the poor children who are now permanent victims of the system and their narcissistic father…. if you can even call him that. 

“Dear MSM,

My name is Nikki, I put a gun to my already shattered heart on December 20, 2014 after fighting 5 years, 4 months and 15 days for my children, because of lies, manipulation, & court corruption.

I am dead, so my mom & brother are continuing my fight.

I gave birth to 4 beautiful children and was a stay at home mom. On August 5th 2009 after my ex, Brian, drank 3 Long Island iced teas & more he started beating me up. I called 911 and the cops took ME to jail (I had never been to jail). They did a breathalyzer on me I blew a 0. The arresting officer was a childhood friend of Brian’s. The next day Brian ran to the courthouse and got a restraining order on ME against my children and gained full custody. Brian falsely accused me of doing drugs, being crazy abusive, alcoholic, and doing meth while I was pregnant.

Brian had the kids in daycare. I got to see the kids at daycare. My 4 mo. old baby had severe diaper rashes most of the time. Brian would not get medicine from the doctor to bring to daycare. My ex manipulated a young girl that worked at daycare into signing a paper that I was harassing them. I instantly got restrained from daycare & any school function where my kids were for the next 5 years. I was ordered to do hair follicle tests and passed. I was ordered to go to drug and alcohol and passed. I was ordered to go to a psychologist and passed.

I filed 9 contempt of courts on Brian & Judge Scott Collier said, “You didn’t do it right.” Judge Collier was Brian’s mom’s attorney for her divorce when her boys were younger! I was my own attorney and asked the judge to recuse himself when I found this out, but the judge would NOT. My attorney I had for my domestic violence got video of my ex admitting he was drunk and couldn’t remember most of that first night this all started, but the judge would not allow this in court.

The boys got molested while at my ex’s home. Judge Collier ordered both my ex and me to get cps reports, drug and alcohol tests and psychologist reports for both of us. I complied, my ex did not. Cps testified for me, saying my ex was grooming the children. My son’s baseball coach testified for me, saying the boys seemed scared of my ex. The boys’ counselor testified for me & said the kids seemed afraid of my ex. The forensic evaluator, Dr. Landon Poppleton, and my ex’s mom were the only ones that testified for Brian. Dr. Poppleton testified that my ex was 99% a liar yet testified that he would be the better parent. My ex’s mom testified that I drank a lot and dressed basically like a prostitute and lots more.

Judge Collier gave Brian full custody.

When I would try to talk with the kids while they were at Brian’s he would turn cartoons on so loud the kids couldn’t concentrate while talking to me and many more things, he would make excuses to where I couldn’t talk with the kids for weeks. It was ordered that Brian record all phone conversations between my children and me and I was ordered into supervised visits. During the visits the boys would do or say things bad about me or to me. Brian would buy them things if they did this to me because it was supervised he would use it as proof.

After a while I did not go see the kids at all thinking he would stop treating them bad if I was not in the picture. I didn’t want them to have to go through any more.

Every time I took Brian to court Judge Collier would tear me down. Brian lied in court with no proof and he would allow it. I was too traumatized to go back to court to keep fighting. In the end, the lies & corruption were too devastating.

Brian refuses to this day to allow any of my family to see my children even supervised. He would not allow my children to go to my funeral even after my mom emailed and invited them.

Judge Collier didn’t allow me any assets at the end of trial. I lost my children and my assets. My parents lost their 23 year marriage and log home. My bio dad sold his 400 acres to help. He lost everything today and is still homeless. Please keep fighting. Awareness is needed—finally.”

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