Catch-22 of the Targeted Parent-Demonstrating Unconditional Love and Acceptance Gives Child Strength to Maintain Inflexible and Hurtful Position

Coping as an Alienated Parent

by Mike Jeffries

Coping as an alienated parent isn’t easy. Maintaining your sanity when your child rejects all attempts at contact is tough work, and remaining sane in the insane world of Family Court is difficult….

Even the best advice for reconnecting with the alienated child – consistent messages of unconditional love and acceptance – is a Catch-22 for you. In a painfully ironic twist, demonstrating your unconditional love and acceptance to your alienated child gives the child the strength he or she needs to maintain his or her inflexible and hurtful position. “I can continue treating you horribly,” the child reasons, “because I know you love me and won’t hold any of this against me.“”


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