Rockland Times: Susan Carrington Gets Big Win In Court

“Judge Warren, Judge Thorsen, Judge Ugell and Referee Dean Richardson-Mendelson of the Rockland County Family Court all acted in concert to unlawfully deny me my fundamental right as a parent and my daughters right to have their mother in their life. On August 3, 2010, Judge Scott B. Ugell referred to my ex as his, “very, very good client” while appearing before his co-jurist Judge William P. Warren, his co-jurist and had exparte communication.

Justice bought is Justice Denied. The public outcry is priceless and is what it will take to reunite me with my daughters, A & M. My heart breaks for my daughters as they have become the innocent victims of the court.

Do you think anyone of these judges would allow what was done to me happen to someone in their family? But yet, this is what they do to families on a daily basis.  Thank you for all of your support.”


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