How Narcissistic Parents Create Boundary Deficiencies

After Narcissistic Abuse

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Ask any child of a narcissistic parent if they felt loved by their parent and you will get a resounding, “NO!” Narcissistic parents are focused on getting their own needs met and are heavily invested in their image of themselves as a parent and the positive feedback that mirroring a “golden” child gives them, but they are NOT invested in that child as a person in our own right.

Boundaries don’t exist to a narcissist. The narcissistic parent feels entitled to transgress the boundaries of their children because they feel that they “own” us. They do not recognize that their children (or anyone else) are separate from themselves.

Here are some of the common ways narcissistic parents cross our boundaries as children:

a) Physical boundaries: The childs physical space and person.

How we’re violated: Our right to be protected from unwanted touch or unwelcome hugs are ignored, negative comments…

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