Open Letter from Mark Hexum, victim of Illinois Family Court Corruption

Open Letter from Mark Hexum – I am writing to ask you to do a story to help raise awareness of the epidemic corruption within the family court system. The family court system is a $50 billion dollar business where thousands of lives of fathers, mothers and children are destroyed and in many cases ended because of the corruption in the system. For family court victims, there is no recourse. Appeals seldom work, judges protect corrupt attorneys, judges protect corrupt judges, attorney and judicial disciplinary commissions do nothing and the media will not get involved because they say family court issues are “he said/she said issues.” These horrors are not about “he said/she said”, they are about constitutional rights, civil liberties/rights, children, human beings, corruption, judicial abuse of power, judicial misconduct, judicial immunity and money. If an attorney has the courage to challenge and report a corrupt judge, they are suspended or disbarred. Since 2001, 60,000 US soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan and Iraq to protect the Constitutional rights and freedoms of US citizens. Family Court judges violate those rights daily and no one does anything. There is more attention and public outcry for abused dogs and cats than the human beings abused in the US Family Court system!

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