Gorcyca Granted Extension to File Response to Formal Complaint

(Because drafting a list of lies is so time-consuming...)

Gorcyca granted extension to file response to formal complaint, By Dave Phillips, The Oakland Press

An Oakland Circuit Court judge has been granted an extension to file a response to a Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission complaint.

Judge Lisa Gorcyca had been scheduled to respond to the complaint by Dec. 29, but she now has until Jan. 21, officials said Monday.

The commission authorized a formal complaint against Gorcyca last month in relation to a child custody case in which she sent three children to Oakland County Children’s Village for refusing to speak with their father.

Gorcyca recused herself Dec. 28 from the case between Bloomfield Hills residents Maya and Omer Tsimhoni, citing the recent filing of the formal complaint by the Judicial Tenure Commission.

In the complaint, Gorcyca is accused of failing to act in a patient, dignified and courteous manner and making significant misrepresentations of law and fact, including telling the children they would be housed in jail cells and would not be released until after they turned 18.

Gorcyca also was accused of lying when responding to a letter sent by the commission, which asked why she used a finger to make circular motions at her right temple while comparing one of the children to Charles Manson and his cult. She said she was “not indicating that (the child) was crazy but was referring to the forward movement he would make in therapy,” the filing states.



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