Happy New Year


Happy New Years!  May 2016 bring each of us peace, freedom from family court profiteering bullies, and reunion of family members torn apart through court chicanery and shenanigans.  Santa has brought his lumps of coal to the door of many crooks harming our kids by running their scams in family courts across the country.

Recent news articles are rife with judges being indicted, disqualified and held to account.  Evidence of Child Representaitve and Guardian Ad Litem, as well as mental health vendors’ misconduct is everywhere!  It’s out there folks – let’s keep publishing and holding to account all ethics violations, all misconduct that lines the pockets of the family court cottage industry.  Together, we WILL clean up our courts for the benefit of our nation’s future.

The Chicago Tribune is now calling for the resignation of Rahm Emanuel, and protesters are at the very door of his house.  There is a full inquiry into the injustice meted out, the cover-ups and the lies through our Cook County State’s Attorney, Anita Alvarez.  Our Police Department is under scrutiny, as they are all across our nation.

Never stay silent!  Speak out!  I will continue to publish the truth about family court injustice, for myself and others!  Now is the time to press forward, demanding Peace, Love, Truth and Justice.  Our children and our children’s children deserve no less in 2016!

Morgen!  by Richard Strauss, performed by Diana Damrau

Morgen! (Tomorrow!)  Translation:
And tomorrow the sun will shine again, and on the way that I will go, she will again unite us, the happy ones, amidst this sun-breathing earth, and to the beach, wide, wave-blue, will we still and slowly descend, silently we will look in each other’s eyes, and upon us will sink the mute silence of happiness.





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