Are You Enabling a Gaslighter? by Penny Fisher

According to the Associated Content article entitled, “Extremes of Emotional Abuse” the term Gaslighting originated in the 1944 remake of the movie Gaslight. In this movie Paula is systematically driven by her husband, Gregory, to believe she is crazy and imagining things, so that he could gain access to her finances. He repeatedly lights a gas lamp in one part of the house, causing the other lamps in the house to become dimmer. When she confronts her husband about this, he repeatedly tells her that she is imagining things and that the lamps are not, in fact, dimmer. Gaslighting is the most dangerous subversive kind of abuse that is virtually undetectable if you are the victim because of the difficulty to pinpoint, identify or describe. It just feels wrong with no reasonable explanation—a truth without apparent logic. ”    

Click here for entire article:  Gaslighter


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