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Happy New Year


Happy New Years!  May 2016 bring each of us peace, freedom from family court profiteering bullies, and reunion of family members torn apart through court chicanery and shenanigans.  Santa has brought his lumps of coal to the door of many crooks harming our kids by running their scams in family courts across the country.

Recent news articles are rife with judges being indicted, disqualified and held to account.  Evidence of Child Representaitve and Guardian Ad Litem, as well as mental health vendors’ misconduct is everywhere!  It’s out there folks – let’s keep publishing and holding to account all ethics violations, all misconduct that lines the pockets of the family court cottage industry.  Together, we WILL clean up our courts for the benefit of our nation’s future.

The Chicago Tribune is now calling for the resignation of Rahm Emanuel, and protesters are at the very door of his house.  There is a full inquiry into the injustice meted out, the cover-ups and the lies through our Cook County State’s Attorney, Anita Alvarez.  Our Police Department is under scrutiny, as they are all across our nation.

Never stay silent!  Speak out!  I will continue to publish the truth about family court injustice, for myself and others!  Now is the time to press forward, demanding Peace, Love, Truth and Justice.  Our children and our children’s children deserve no less in 2016!

Morgen!  by Richard Strauss, performed by Diana Damrau

Morgen! (Tomorrow!)  Translation:
And tomorrow the sun will shine again, and on the way that I will go, she will again unite us, the happy ones, amidst this sun-breathing earth, and to the beach, wide, wave-blue, will we still and slowly descend, silently we will look in each other’s eyes, and upon us will sink the mute silence of happiness.





Merry Chrismas from Scrooge for the Elderly

My Christmas was lovely with friends and family over for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  This is now, what, about the 5th day of Christmas (I need all 12 days to get everything done, I assure you).

One of my beloved children bought my husband and I some tickets to a Christmas Carol and it was by far, the best performance I have seen, complete with smoke and mirrors.  I cried thru most of it.

Since I frequent the Cook County Court system and still talk to corruption victims on a regular basis (they just keep on flowing in, the FBI investigation team for the deaths on the south side by police, take note), the entire play reminded me of my current avocation: personal counselor, blogger and book writer for the probate and corruption victim.

I do want to wish all of you Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to those…

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Two Year Anniversary of Chris Mackney’s Tragic Murder by Suicide-“Bullied To Death” in Family Court, by Lisa Nadig




Lisa Nadig, December 29, 2015

On this, the tragic two-year anniversary of the “Murder by Suicide” of Chris Mackney, a young father “Bullied to Death” in Family Court, I reflect on his life and death, my life, and so many dear friends all across the country currently living this same nightmare;  the horror of being bullied and harassed through a broken and corrupt Family Court System.  Of being deprived of your children, while being pummeled with non-stop litigation, ever-mounting legal bills and taunted and threatened with jail, lest you fall behind in enriching the very person whose corruption harmed your child.

We pray especially for our children, the hidden victims of this vicious bullying and harassment, that they may know deep in their hearts that we love them dearly and are doing all we can to be reunited with them.

And we pray for the countless other Chris Mackney’s out there, male and female, murdered by vicious legal harassment, those Mothers and Fathers whose stories have never been written. Today, may we  light a candle for all of them.

Happy-christmas-2016-6  As this holiday season slowly comes to a close, we watch the seemingly endless parade of joyous family photos from friends and loved ones, and we do the best we can to get through it, to survive another year.  Some grieve silently, while many of us have decided that in order to survive we can no longer remain silent.

I’m especially grateful to Michael Volpe, who had this to say today:  “The system was too determined to destroy Mackney and he didn’t survive, but hopefully his story will live on and help others going through a similar ordeal.”

If you haven’t read it yet, Michael Volpe’s book, Bullied to Death:  Chris Mackney’s Kafkaesque Divorce, exposes the grave harm being done to countless men and women through legal system abuse.  “On December 29, 2013, Chris Mackney sat alone in his parked car, put a shot-gun underneath his chin and blew his head off. It was the tragic end to a near six-year custody battle which saw him penniless, homeless, jobless, with no access to his children, and taunted and threatened with jail: all at the behest of his ex-wife and her father…”Murder by suicide” Mackney called it. The legal bullying didn’t stop with his suicide. His ex-wife followed him into the grave and attempted to copyright his suicide note. When that blew up, Mackney became a martyr and symbol for all that’s wrong with family courts. His suicide note has been read by millions, but now the whole unbelievable story is told.”

Even in death, they tried to control Chris – to silence him, by hiding his suicide note from the world, but here is Chris’s final message:   MackNeySuicideNote

May his death not have been in vain. God bless you, Chris, now and always.



Retired Arizona Judge Reveals Corruption in Legal System

Retired Arizona Judge Reveals Corruption in Legal System


Health Impact News Editor Comments

Justice John F. Molloy was an attorney in Arizona who went on to serve as a judge on the Arizona Superior Court bench. He is probably best known for his time serving as Chief Justice to Court of Appeals for the State of Arizona, where he authored the famous Miranda decision that was subsequently appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court and overturned, resulting in what is known today as the “Miranda Rights” which law enforcement now quotes to suspected criminals upon arrest.

Judge Molloy wrote a book that was published in 2004 a few years before he died in 2008. He was apparently suffering from cancer at the time, and perhaps knew his remaining time on earth was short. The title of the book is: The Fraternity: Lawyers and Judges in Collusion, published by Paragon House.

An excerpt from the book has been published and copied in many places on the Internet today, reprinted in accordance with the “fair use” provision of Title 17 U.S.C. § 107. It is an amazing expose on just how corrupt the American Judicial System is today, and it perhaps gives us a better understanding on how so many judges in family or juvenile courts across the United States are able to successfully remove children from the custody of their parents in medical kidnapping cases.



Pennsylvania Court Watch

“The once honorable profession of law now fully functions as a bottom-line business, driven by greed and the pursuit of power and wealth, even shaping the laws of the United States outside the elected Congress and state legislatures.”


Psychologists May Not be Qualified Court Experts Karen Winner American News Service

Psychologists May Not be
Qualified Court Experts

Karen Winner
American News Service

“It is considered unethical to switch back and forth between an evaluative and psychotherapeutic role,” consultant on the case David Stein, Ph.D., the chair of the Forensic Psychology Committee of the California Psychological Association, wrote in court papers.

Incompetent or unethical psychological experts in the courts are one of today’s major scandals in the justice system, says Margaret Hagen, author of “Whores of the Court: The Fraud of Psychiatric Testimony and the Rape of American Justice“.

In her new book, Hagen reports that the paid opinions of psychology experts who give testimony in court cases have become a $1 billion industry. Judges rely heavily on these mental health professionals and while most operate in good faith, some may be unschooled on the issues in question or unprincipled, Hagen said.

Very little gets challenged once the psychologist makes the recommendation,” said Hagen, a professor of psychology at Boston University.

In looking for ways to guard against the opinions of questionable psychologists, some forensic experts are calling for the better education of judges so they can learn how to screen out unqualified mental health professionals.


Attorneys Pick a Bone with Parent’s Group

Courthouse News Service – Attorneys Pick a Bone With Parents Group, David Lee

 FORT WORTH (CN) – Two Texas attorneys want to know who accused them of colluding with a judge to take “unearned attorney fees and child support” from a mother.
Attorneys Lori Deangelis and Laurie Robinson, both of Arlington, filed a petition for presuit depositions in Tarrant County Court on Tuesday.
They seek information from six members of the Parent Protective Coalition (PPC), a family court watchdog group.


Georgia Judicial Investigation

Justice for judges: You have the right to remain silent, your honor

Posted: 1:06 p.m. Wednesday, July 29, 2015

More lately, however, the jurists aren’t just leaving the court in disgrace. Some are leaving in handcuffs.


Rash of Judges Stepping Down

One sent a message over Facebook to a criminal defendant, saying he’d give her behind-the-scenes advice on her case. Another was caught having sex in a parked car with the public defender assigned to his courtroom. Another inappropriately touched a prosecutor and investigator after they sat in his lap posing for a photo.

These were not defendants. All three were chief judges in their circuits with decades on the bench.