Monthly Archives: October 2015

One Year Ago

One year ago today, my father passed away after a long illness.  And one year ago tomorrow, my ex-husband’s divorce attorney number six sent me a nasty email trying to bully me into not attending my Dad’s funeral.  What kind of a person does something like that?  Why would a Chicago divorce lawyer even bother with my Dad’s funeral 200 miles away in a sleep little farm town?  What was there to gain??????



Why is the Child Rep more interested in putting me in jail than “her client” having his Mother in his life?

Instead of trying to go after me at every turn, why isn’t the child representative actually representing “her client” and doing all in her power to make sure he has his mother – both parents in his life?  Or does she really think court appointed shrinks that work first and foremost for the court dollar really care about my son especially over the long haul?  Or that these court shrinks can replace a child’s mother?  A fist full of prescriptions and a few talk sessions, after all, can only go so far.


Threatened with jail for falling behind by $270. Is this really America?

The Child Representative filed her third contempt motion on me.  She got permission from the judge to file it last time we were in court while I was receiving veiled threats of jail for filing a motion.  According to my calculations I’m behind on her bill by $270.00.  Is this really America?  Where you can be threatened with jail for less than $300?  I was short on a couple of my payments this summer after having knee surgery.  The child representative received four separate doctor notes that stated I could not stand for more than 15 minutes but she said nothing, until she filed her Contempt Motion.  We all complain about our taxes being too high.  How much does this Motion going through the courts and setting for hearing cost in our tax dollars?  How does this impact my ability to make a living, answering to all of these motions?  Would a friendly note and reminder on being behind been in order?  Or, God forbid, a friendly call to ask how my recovery from surgery was going?  Or just a threat of JAIL!  I didn’t know we still had debtor prisons in this country but apparently they’re alive and well. And, in the meantime, she’s adding to my bill by drafting, filing and presenting this Motion.  When will it ever end???