Monthly Archives: September 2015

What songs can you still sing?

When torn by unimaginable, unrelenting grief, what songs can you still sing?  Can you still sing?  With a strong, unwavering voice?  Can you still sing in tune, with resonant tone?  Or does your voice become a weakened cry, or perhaps just a whisper of air struggling to pass through.  The instrument.  Pastor says the Bible says to sing your songs in a strange land, as the Hebrews did in the land of Babylon, the land of exile, of slavery, until Queen Esther rising in spendor, stood and spoke to the King.  Be still, and listen, oh heart.  To the songs of old.  To the songs of truth and the songs of spiritual power.  That cry out to rise up out of the wilderness of despair, of separation, of unbidden tears.  To stand, and sing.  Again.  For a heart must never top singing or it will surely die.


Threatened With Jail For Filing a Motion – Is This Really American???

Are we really living in America?  Threatened with jail for filing a motion?  Really?  Do you think this will silence me?  Make me stop fighting for the right to love my own child?  Maybe some people would be detered by such illegal and insane bullying.  Love wins.  Truth wins.  The eternal bond between mother and child wins.

Convicted Felons Have More Rights

Having a conversation just now with another good Mom removed from her precious children’s lives through a broken and failed family court system.  She very aptly stated:  “It would almost be better if we WERE convicted criminals, because then our rights to see our children would be upheld under the law.”  Sad, but true.



You, My Precious Child

You, my precious child:  I love you now and always.  I have never given up.  I stand strong in my love for you, my quest for truth and justice, grace and peace.  You are blameless in everything.  Your heart is pure, kind and sweet.  The adults who have acted badly are responsible.  You will always be my precious son and I will never stop fighting for you.