“The unforgiveable betrayals of Dr. Stanton Samenow” by Michael Volpe

The unforgiveable betrayals of Dr. Stanton Samenow

The unforgiveable betrayals of Dr. Stanton Samenow by Michael VolpeMay 14, 2015

Dr. Stanton Samenow, a prominent forensic psychologist is accused of corruption and fraud by four former victims.
WASHINGTON, May 13, 2015 – A prominent forensic psychologist once featured on a hit television show is accused of corruption and fraud by four former victims. According to these individuals, the psychologist sold his services in custody matters to the highest bidder, destroying countless lives in the process.

Dr. Stanton Samenow has testified as an expert in criminal and civil trials thousands of times. He is the author of several books including Inside the Criminal Mind, The Myth of out of Character Crime  and In the Best Interest of the Child, and his research was referenced in the penultimate episode of the Sopranos entitled the Blue Comet.

However, statements by four individuals involved in cases where Dr. Samenow testified suggest he was not an unbiased expert. Instead, they suggest he ignored the facts and instead testified in favor of the party who paid him a higher fee.

One of those individuals, Chris Mackney, eventually committed suicide as a result of his divorce.

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2 thoughts on ““The unforgiveable betrayals of Dr. Stanton Samenow” by Michael Volpe

  1. carmen

    Mr. Volpe, Dr. Samenow used the same techniques to detroy the lives of my children and me. I am not afraid of this man because I have lost everything because of his behavior. What better way to conceal to the world that you have bad behavior than to “hide” as a criminal psychologist? No one would ever suspect that your were a criminal nor would anyone even give your curriculae vitae a second thought. It is worse than what you could have ever imagined. My six year son said that whenever this guy interviewed him he would ask him the same question over and over again until he got the “right” answer. So my son had to keep trying and trying to give Dr. Samenow the “right” answer because apparently all the other answers were the “wrong” answers. My ex had a wealthy family so Samenow became their “best friend” and “hired gun”. During court he would sit between my ex and and his parents, slouch down and acting all cozy and content and give me a sly stare to exemplify to me that he was on their side. He even congratulated my ex’s lawyer on his line of interrogations to him that caused me to loose custody of my children on one particular court day. The phone call was an interruption in the courtroom. On another occasion hhe greeted my ex and his wealthy familiy outside the courtroom shaking hands and congratulating my ex’s family on winning custody of my children. They even hired Samenow for the divorce portion of the trial so that my ex wouldn’t have to pay the spousal support even though I was a stay at home mom for most of my marriage. I was pro se because legal aid wouldn’t touch my case with a 10 foot pole. Once they saw who the evaluator was for custody, they ran in the opposite direction. There is a “good ol’ boy” network in the courts and if you are poor because of circumstance you will not be properly represented in th courts. You are bettter off pro se than to have a cheap lawyer because they alway prostitute themselves to the opposing parties money and they betray you. That is what happened to me. There is no justice in America. I repeat. There is no justice in America. For for those who have been sleeping..THERE IS NO JUSTICE IN AMERICA ANYMORE!



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