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Why Going to Therapy with the Narcissist is a Bad Idea

Going to any type of therapy with an abusive person has many risks. They will morph into a wonderful person while in the therapist’s office, manipulate the therapist, furthering their agenda, and perpetuating the abuse.

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

Couple arguing in therapy

So you’ve been thinking about going to couple’s counseling with your abusive partner.

After all, you’ve apparently committed some serious grievances against them. According to him or her, it’s a wonder you’re not on the FBI’s Most Wanted List. You think back to the times you snapped as you pick up the phone and dial your insurance company to find marriage counselors in your area. You have been feeling high-strung and confused lately …and it seems you’ve been forgetting some things you said to your partner, including how you wished harm upon their past lovers, family, and their cousin, twice removed from their third step-father’s side.

Before you start going down the list of marriage or relationship counselors, it’s important to consider that going to therapy with a Narcissist will accomplish three things: 1) waste time and money, 2) keep you in a relationship that is doomed to fail anyway and…

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