It all becomes crystal clear…the “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow

Now that my father’s Trust has been released to his children upon his death, it is made abundantly clear, what I have known all along – that my ex-husband’s rabid pursuit of custody (8 custody petitions, 3 trials and countless harassing legal filings spanning nearly 5 years), was to obtain this “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow, my inheritance.

It is impossible not to notice that my ex-husband dropped my family members who would not assist in his hate campaign and would not give him money, OR had no more money left to give him.  Yet he consistently lied to the court, and misrepresented that he alone was the key to my child having contact with my own family.

How sad that my ex exploited the fact that my father had Parkinson’s disease.  How sad that he worked so steadily to spread his hate and lies campaign about me to members of my own family, but only the ones with the money, while joining forces with a bitter, vindictive sister-in-law who needed a scapegoat and a distraction for her personal mistakes that were common knowledge.

The time-line of it all is perfectly clear, and very well documented through DCFS, court ordered forensic psychologist, doctor, and hospital records.


2 thoughts on “It all becomes crystal clear…the “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow

  1. Nearlybel

    My heart goes out to all affected by the corruption of some of the people involved in the family court system over there, xxx so much for the much misused name of USA ‘land of the free’ . Where your capitalist/imperialism political psyche ruins your own citizens, or should I say the most vulnerable, children, women, low income workers, sick, old, men, musicians, intellectuals, trade unionists, all decent human beings, all contaminated by the pathological greed and violence of a few powerful sub human beings. Please get real. Your systems dont work for the common good, only for a few. Good luck and much love to all the mothers and children that are affected by these disordered characters. xxx

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