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Living with an alienated parent: lessons for husbands, wives and partners

Karen Woodall

This week we have been getting our new project ready for launch and as we do so we have been thinking about the people who live with alienated parents;  the loved ones who have to watch as this horror unfolds and takes a stranglehold of the family.  For those people who have to stand helplessly by, this one is for you.

Being a partner or husband or wife to someone who is being alienated is a little like watching someone being tortured to within an inch of their lives on some kind of medieval rack.  Alienation is a horrible thing to witness in a child and when their behaviours become cruel, cold or mirroring of the parent they are aligned with they can turn into people you wish you could shut the door on forever.

But how can you shut the door on these beloved children of the person you…

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Starting Over When You Can’t Go Back? – To All Protective Parents

“No milestones in life have any meaning without my children and they as yet have not been returned to me, and we have not been able to “go home again”. I am one of the last ones to let go of a memory, a life, that can never be regained. I am a mother … I can’t, I won’t, let go of the hope, the dream, our memories.”……You said it so well. No place is a home without your children, and no milestones have meaning without them. Dear Son, I cannot let go of our memories, our life. I love you. Now and forever. Love, Mom.


Starting Over When You Can’t Go Back?  – To All Protective Parents:  Rebuilding when you can’t go home again:
To all of my friends:  I have slowly begun to rebuild my work and my career, my freelance paralegal research.  I had been self-employed in the same field for over 20 years when my life came to a screeching halt in 2010 when my young children (ages 9 and 12) were kidnapped by their father and taken over 200 miles away … this was parental kidnapping, against custody, against the law.  So many others are familiar with this horror but this type of kidnapping garners little sympathy and certainly less action.  This atrocity, and the long-haul of horror it places a protective parent in is in no way different than having your children kidnapped by a stranger.  Although with parental abductions there may some knowledge, confirmation, and awareness, however vague, that…

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