Using Critical Thinking Skills

I hope you will use your immense critical thinking skills.  Think carefully about what is truly to your benefit. Embrace all that is good, deep within you.  In looking at the options before you, think of how some of these options might actually be of benefit to somebody else.  Be cautious when there is money involved – it changes people.  Certain systems by their nature, are perpetuated by conflict and divisions.  While somebody may be acting like a helper, if they also act in another role, as part of the system, it places them in a  conflict of interest.  They may or may not always be acting in our best interests, due to the conflict they are under.  Many people make a living off of situations like the one we find ourselves in.  It is important that we pay attention to these matters.

Look deep inside you for your own truth – that is where you will find all of the answers you need.  Deep within you is your own love.  We must never stop thinking critically.  We must never stop thinking for ourselves.  Deep inside you are all the answers you need.  Love, Mom

3 thoughts on “Using Critical Thinking Skills

  1. Nearlybel

    How old is your son?
    Your sentiments are all great, but what is the context?
    You seem to be trying to peel away layers to get to the truth.
    What has happened?
    I’ve read of the repercussions that abusive parents through their psychopathic thinking/words/actions cause children. The hurt and distress caused to these children, the abandonment they must feel. All aided and supported by these nobody’s called GALs.
    What are they qualified in other than exploitation of a patently corrupt legal system?
    Check out Tina swithin and her documented battle.
    Take up the sword ( proverbial ) and fight for what is right and just. Please don’t give up, stand up and tell the truth, and keep telling it. We will ‘win’. Humanity is depending on it. All good wishes to those who are. xxx

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