Written Intent to Erase Me From Son’s Life

Court documents and trial transcripts are a matter of public record…

From my ex-husband’s EIGHTH Petition for Sole Custody, Filed on July 30, Line Item #41:

“It is in our child’s best interest that he have no further contact with his Mother”.

Is there any doubt remaining as to the intent to erase me from our son’s life???

When I cross-examined my ex-husband regarding this signed, written statement in his eighth custody petition, he justified this by falsely claiming this was recommended by the “professionals”.  But, in fact, our son’s therapist testified to the exact opposite recommendation just two days before.

The Statute on best interests of the child state that a child should not live with a parent who refuses to foster a relationship with the other parent.  Parental Alienation is against the best interests standards as set forth in the statute.



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